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How to do it?
You do not need to be afraid, the use and the cleaning of the Yuuki menstrual cup is fast and simple. For comfortable and reliable sterilization of the cup, we suggest using our disinfection box - INFUSER BOX.

Watch the animation below and see how easy it is!
Rainbow - Unique Mesntrual cup
It's no secret: menstruation is not fun. So let´s make it finally lit a bit more nicer and enjoyable. Sounds great, right? Get yourself first multiple colorful cup in the world. Rainbow cup is here to make you unique and feeling nice during your period days. https://www.yuuki.cz/en/eshop-products-32
Throughout the inhabited world, in all times and under all circumstances, there were myths and living inspiration for what might arise from human activity of body and mind. The rainbow is a myth ... the secret source of inexhaustible energy from the universe, which flows into human cultural motion.
Why is my cup leaking - 2nd part
Solutions: Anatomical cause - low cervix During menstruation the level of estrogen changes. This relaxes the cervix and is slightly lower than usual. Cervix is also more open, a little more than usual and may vary from month to month. It all makes menstruation blood flow away from the uterus. You do not see these changes during the cup insertion. But if the cup starts to leak, it is good to re-insert it and leave it a little lower. Anatomical cause - tilted cervix During the first few days of menstruation the cervix can be in different angle than usual. It may therefore happen that the cervix is not in the cup. Then, blood leaks down on the wall and out of the cup. It is necessary to remove the cup and re-insert so it completely closes the area around the cervix. Anatomical cause - general anatomy Every woman is unique and each uterus, cervix and vagina is different. It would be boring if we were all the same. In rare cases, it is possible that the cup will leak no matter how you inserted. For women dealing with leaks in the long term, and not even one idea how to inserted helped, so for them, unfortunately, there is not probably any solution. Anatomical cause - scars after childbirth It is possible that after you have given birth you have inside of the vagina any scars. If so, then the cup can leaks around them. So try to insert the cup lower or higher ... so that it does not lean on the scar. If it is possible try all possibilities how to insert the cup. The second option is to get a softer cup that adapts to the scar as much as possible. It is good to try all the options and to experiment. http://www.mujkalisek.cz/cs/blog/menstruace-a-mesicni-cyklus/proc-mi-kalisek-proteka-
Why is my cup leaking?
(First part) Lots of women began to use the cup just because it manages to hold more blood. BUT! Sometimes it happens that the cup leaks and so women say bye to it. That is a pity, because sometimes needs to be done just a lit a bit of effort and it works again perfectly. Leakage is a problem that will need to solve one day each woman. Here are some tips that will help prevent leakage. :-) The cup can flow for several reasons ... the good news is that all of them can be solved! Sometimes it just happens. With the tampon or the pads. But that doesn´t mean that it must be like that forever. There are several reasons why the cup leaks but all of them can be solved. Symptoms: Are you using cup for a longer time without any problems? But suddenly leaks for some reason? Why is this so? Anatomy reason - the cervix is in a different position than is usually Technology reason - cup is not properly inserted http://www.mujkalisek.cz/cs/blog/menstruace-a-mesicni-cyklus/proc-mi-kalisek-proteka-
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Menstrual cup Yuuki

Menstrual cup Yuuki is produced by a Czech - EU company specializing in health care products. This company belongs to the world leaders of this field. Material of Germany producer from which the cup is manufactured, branded silicone is the highest quality approved for use in health care and food industries.

The menstrual cup is produced in the operation "clean room" for the production of medical products. This department is equipped with a separate entrance, antistatic flooring and air conditioning machines. This specialized workplace prevents any risk of contamination. All manufacturing and control processes are carried out in full compliance with the required standards of ISO 9001 requirements.

The menstrual cup is not news to the world. The first patent of this sanitary aid was granted at the beginning of the last century in the United States. Unfortunately, at that time there was not yet the available material suitable for production. Today's materials fully comply with physical requirements. Today, the cup is a completely normal menstrual hygienic aid throughout the western world.

For and against YUUKI

Like everything what was made by the human, the cup Yuuki has its advantages and disadvantages. In the following lines we will try to list all of these positives and negatives, and we hope that the prevailing benefits will convince you about its advantage.

Advantages of Yuuki:

  • Economical profitability (returnability of the amount used to purchase cup is up to 8 - 12 months)
  • Total comfort during use.
  • Health certificates documented. Yuuki cup doesn't contain dyes and phthalates.
  • Long life.
  • Excellent for travel and sports activities of all kinds.
  • Greenness - a woman consumes thousands of pads and tampons in the course of life - some 600 kg of un-recyclable waste.
  • EU product from a specialist in the manufacture of medical components.
  • Technical solutions that will provide you only the menstrual cup YUUKI. Our cup is unique, in particular, with a ring located inside of the cup to prevent spillage during handling content and completely original practical packaging. Cover is solid and prevents any deformation of the cup during transportation (eg purse).


  • News on the Czech market and the related unfounded prejudices against trials of new ideas.
  • At the beginning it takes a while before every woman will find their comfortable way of inserting the cup.
  • It may be uncomfortable for some women to hold cup contents. It's just a matter of the first few times.
  • Sanitary cup may not be used during the puerperium.

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