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How to do it?
You do not need to be afraid, the use and the cleaning of the Yuuki menstrual cup is fast and simple. For comfortable and reliable sterilization of the cup, we suggest using our disinfection box - INFUSER BOX.

Watch the animation below and see how easy it is!
Rainbow - Unique Mesntrual cup
It's no secret: menstruation is not fun. So let´s make it finally lit a bit more nicer and enjoyable. Sounds great, right? Get yourself first multiple colorful cup in the world. Rainbow cup is here to make you unique and feeling nice during your period days. https://www.yuuki.cz/en/eshop-products-32
Throughout the inhabited world, in all times and under all circumstances, there were myths and living inspiration for what might arise from human activity of body and mind. The rainbow is a myth ... the secret source of inexhaustible energy from the universe, which flows into human cultural motion.
Why is my cup leaking - 2nd part
Solutions: Anatomical cause - low cervix During menstruation the level of estrogen changes. This relaxes the cervix and is slightly lower than usual. Cervix is also more open, a little more than usual and may vary from month to month. It all makes menstruation blood flow away from the uterus. You do not see these changes during the cup insertion. But if the cup starts to leak, it is good to re-insert it and leave it a little lower. Anatomical cause - tilted cervix During the first few days of menstruation the cervix can be in different angle than usual. It may therefore happen that the cervix is not in the cup. Then, blood leaks down on the wall and out of the cup. It is necessary to remove the cup and re-insert so it completely closes the area around the cervix. Anatomical cause - general anatomy Every woman is unique and each uterus, cervix and vagina is different. It would be boring if we were all the same. In rare cases, it is possible that the cup will leak no matter how you inserted. For women dealing with leaks in the long term, and not even one idea how to inserted helped, so for them, unfortunately, there is not probably any solution. Anatomical cause - scars after childbirth It is possible that after you have given birth you have inside of the vagina any scars. If so, then the cup can leaks around them. So try to insert the cup lower or higher ... so that it does not lean on the scar. If it is possible try all possibilities how to insert the cup. The second option is to get a softer cup that adapts to the scar as much as possible. It is good to try all the options and to experiment. http://www.mujkalisek.cz/cs/blog/menstruace-a-mesicni-cyklus/proc-mi-kalisek-proteka-
Why is my cup leaking?
(First part) Lots of women began to use the cup just because it manages to hold more blood. BUT! Sometimes it happens that the cup leaks and so women say bye to it. That is a pity, because sometimes needs to be done just a lit a bit of effort and it works again perfectly. Leakage is a problem that will need to solve one day each woman. Here are some tips that will help prevent leakage. :-) The cup can flow for several reasons ... the good news is that all of them can be solved! Sometimes it just happens. With the tampon or the pads. But that doesn´t mean that it must be like that forever. There are several reasons why the cup leaks but all of them can be solved. Symptoms: Are you using cup for a longer time without any problems? But suddenly leaks for some reason? Why is this so? Anatomy reason - the cervix is in a different position than is usually Technology reason - cup is not properly inserted http://www.mujkalisek.cz/cs/blog/menstruace-a-mesicni-cyklus/proc-mi-kalisek-proteka-
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Terms and conditions

The business conditions define in more detail and specify the rights and duties of the Seller and the Buyer. All contractual relationships are entered into in compliance with the rule of law of the Czech Republic. When the contracting party is a consumer, the relationships not provided for by the Business Conditions shall be governed by the Civil Code (No. 40/1964 Coll.) and the Act of Consumer Protection (No. 634/1992 Coll.), everything as amended by subsequent legal regulations. When the contracting party is a businessperson, the relationships not provided for by the Business Conditions and related to businesspersons shall be governed by the Commercial Code, No. 513/1991 Coll.), everything as amended by subsequent legal regulations.

By the moment of entering into the Purchase Agreement, the Buyer shall be bound by the Business Conditions and expresses consent to them. By entering into the Purchase Agreement, the Buyer confirms to have been acquainted with these Business conditions and to agree with them. The Buyer is alerted to the Business Conditions in sufficient manner before the actual implementation of the Order and has thus the possibility to get acquainted with them. These Business Conditions constitute an integral part of the Agreement entered into. The Agreement is entered into in Czech; if no circumstances at the Seller’s or the Buyer’s side prevent it, the Agreement can be entered into also in another language understandable to the Parties.

Delivery terms

The deliveries of the goods shall be implemented in as short term as possible, usually within ten workdays; the delivery term can be longer in exceptional cases. The fulfilment of the delivery is considered as the delivery of the article to the address of destination. The transport of the address of destinations shall be ensured by the Seller. The consignment of the goods shall include the tax document (invoice) and the instructions for use of the product. We provide for delivery of goods all over the world. We distinguish the costs for the transport of the goods by the selected way of transport.

Liability for defects of the goods

The Buyer shall read carefully the guarantee conditions including the Czech instructions before the first use and subsequently follow that information consistently; failing that, the Buyer shall run the risk to damage the thing by incorrect use and not to be able to make any claim for the defect within the Buyer's right resulting from the liability for defects. The guarantee period shall start running by the day of takeover of the thing by the Buyer.

If the Buyer is not a consumer, the Buyer shall inspect the goods immediately at their reception. In case any damage is detected, a record of the damage shall be written down and the Seller shall provide an adequate discount from the delivery or deliver another flawless product. Any later complaints with regard to mechanical damage of the product cannot be acknowledged any more.

The consumer should take those steps in own interest as well in order to avoid later problems resulting from the liability for defects occurred in consequence of transport, when it will be assumed at any complaint that the consumer has accepted the delivered goods without reservation.

Guarantee conditions

For sale of consumer goods, the legal guarantee period shall be 24 months, but a longer guarantee period may be defined by a declaration in the warranty card. The guarantee shall not cover common wear and tear of the thing caused by its habitual use. Therefore shorter life of any product with regard to the above stated wear and tear of the thing caused by its habitual use cannot be considered a defect, which shall be considered in case of any complaint.

Data you enter at registration

BETA obchodní společnost, s.r.o. respects your private life and follows Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on protection of personal data and information. We do not provide your data to third parties. The personal data of the customers are fully protected against misuse. The customer, by entering into the Agreement, consents to processing and gathering of the customer's personal data in our database after successful fulfilment of the Agreement, until the customer expresses disagreement with such processing in written. Such processing and gathering of personal data can be used for the purpose of possible offer of business and services to the customer by the Seller in future. The customer shall have the right of access to the customer's personal data and the right to their correction including further legal rights according to § 21 Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on personal data protection. The provision of personal data by the data subject is voluntary, but their communication is a condition to enter into the Purchase Agreement or any other commitment.

Data you enter at registration

You as customer must state the following data at your registration. If you are a natural person, the following data:

  • a) Name and surname
  • b) Full postal address
  • c) E-mail address

This information is indispensable for your identification as the Buyer. We use them to implement and account your payment for the purchased goods, to deliver the goods correctly and to communicate with you.

If you require the delivery of the orders to an address different from the one stated above, you can state an alternative delivery address. If you buy as corporate person, you must state also the following data on your company:

  • a) Company name
  • b) Full postal address
  • c) E-mail address
  • d) IČO (ID No.)
  • e) DIČ (VAT No.)

These data will allow us performing the indispensable accounting operations, making the tax document usually required by both parties, or possibly identifying your payment made by bank transfer.

Explanation of concepts

Supplier / Seller: is the person who acts, at entering into and fulfilling the agreement, within his or her trade or other business activity. It is a businessperson who delivers products or provides services to the Buyer directly or through other businesspersons.

Buyer: the consumer is the person who does not act, at entering into and fulfilling the agreement, within his or her trade or other business activity. It is a corporate or natural person who buys the products or makes use of the services for other purpose than for conducting business with such products or services.

Buyer who is not consumer: is a businessperson who buys the products or makes use of the services for the purpose of conducting business with such products or services. Such Buyer shall follow the Business Conditions in the extent that applies to the Buyer and by the Commercial Code.

Purchase Agreement: The Buyer’s Order is the proposal of Purchase Agreement and the Purchase Agreement as such is entered into by the moment of delivery of Order confirmation by the Seller. As from such moment, mutual rights and duties shall originate between the Buyer and the Seller.

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