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How to do it?
You do not need to be afraid, the use and the cleaning of the Yuuki menstrual cup is fast and simple. For comfortable and reliable sterilization of the cup, we suggest using our disinfection box - INFUSER BOX.

Watch the animation below and see how easy it is!
Rainbow - Unique Mesntrual cup
It's no secret: menstruation is not fun. So let´s make it finally lit a bit more nicer and enjoyable. Sounds great, right? Get yourself first multiple colorful cup in the world. Rainbow cup is here to make you unique and feeling nice during your period days. https://www.yuuki.cz/en/eshop-products-32
Throughout the inhabited world, in all times and under all circumstances, there were myths and living inspiration for what might arise from human activity of body and mind. The rainbow is a myth ... the secret source of inexhaustible energy from the universe, which flows into human cultural motion.
Why is my cup leaking - 2nd part
Solutions: Anatomical cause - low cervix During menstruation the level of estrogen changes. This relaxes the cervix and is slightly lower than usual. Cervix is also more open, a little more than usual and may vary from month to month. It all makes menstruation blood flow away from the uterus. You do not see these changes during the cup insertion. But if the cup starts to leak, it is good to re-insert it and leave it a little lower. Anatomical cause - tilted cervix During the first few days of menstruation the cervix can be in different angle than usual. It may therefore happen that the cervix is not in the cup. Then, blood leaks down on the wall and out of the cup. It is necessary to remove the cup and re-insert so it completely closes the area around the cervix. Anatomical cause - general anatomy Every woman is unique and each uterus, cervix and vagina is different. It would be boring if we were all the same. In rare cases, it is possible that the cup will leak no matter how you inserted. For women dealing with leaks in the long term, and not even one idea how to inserted helped, so for them, unfortunately, there is not probably any solution. Anatomical cause - scars after childbirth It is possible that after you have given birth you have inside of the vagina any scars. If so, then the cup can leaks around them. So try to insert the cup lower or higher ... so that it does not lean on the scar. If it is possible try all possibilities how to insert the cup. The second option is to get a softer cup that adapts to the scar as much as possible. It is good to try all the options and to experiment. http://www.mujkalisek.cz/cs/blog/menstruace-a-mesicni-cyklus/proc-mi-kalisek-proteka-
Why is my cup leaking?
(First part) Lots of women began to use the cup just because it manages to hold more blood. BUT! Sometimes it happens that the cup leaks and so women say bye to it. That is a pity, because sometimes needs to be done just a lit a bit of effort and it works again perfectly. Leakage is a problem that will need to solve one day each woman. Here are some tips that will help prevent leakage. :-) The cup can flow for several reasons ... the good news is that all of them can be solved! Sometimes it just happens. With the tampon or the pads. But that doesn´t mean that it must be like that forever. There are several reasons why the cup leaks but all of them can be solved. Symptoms: Are you using cup for a longer time without any problems? But suddenly leaks for some reason? Why is this so? Anatomy reason - the cervix is in a different position than is usually Technology reason - cup is not properly inserted http://www.mujkalisek.cz/cs/blog/menstruace-a-mesicni-cyklus/proc-mi-kalisek-proteka-
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Most frequently asked questions on menstrual cups.

We are sure that you have dozens of questions concerning the Yuuki cup. Whether it is or is not safe, how it is exactly used, and a lot of other questions. That is why we answer the most frequently asked questions here.

How to insert and take out the cup?

Please look at HERE.

If the cups are such a miracle, how does it come that they cannot be seen and heard about on TV?

They are excellent, but their long useful life and relatively low price causes that the cups cannot be profitable for big multinational companies. That is why most manufacturers sell their cups predominantly only through the Internet. Look on the shelves with sanitary pads in any supermarket. You will undoubtedly count dozens of types and manufacturers. It would be difficult to imagine a manufacturer giving up voluntarily profits running into billions.

It seems to be very big! Is inserting and taking off painful?

If you perform those actions correctly and carefully, they should not be painful. Women who have not had sexual intercourse yet may have some problems at the beginning, but they will pass with time. The vagina is able to stretch to let pass the newborn's head, and the cup is many times smaller. When inserting the cup, you can lubricate it with water or with lubricating gel. When inserting the cup, press its bottom to release underpressure and take it out carefully.

Can the menstrual cup be used as contraception?

In no case.

Can I have sexual intercourse when using the cup?

No, you cannot. The cups are in the lower part of the vagina. The penis could hit against the cup and change its position.

Can the cup leak?

No, if it has been inserted correctly and if it is emptied before getting completely full. After inserting the cup, you must slightly turn the cup and pull it a bit, to make sure that underpressure has developed to make the cup stick to the vagina wall.

Can I feel the cup when using it?

Most women do not feel it, particularly if they have cut away the cup stem. Some of them are aware of having the cup, similarly to having a tampon. The cup is soft, and when you have the right size and type and it is correctly inserted, you should not feel any pain or discomfort.

What is the useful life of the cup?

Most manufacturers state ten years. Theoretically, it can last till the end of life because it is made of the same type of silicone as that implanted during different surgeries. The purchase of a new cup is up to your decision. We provide a warranty period of two years for the Yuuki cup.

Do I have to take out the cup if I only go to pass water or evacuate?

No, you do not have to take out the cup.

How can I clean the cup in public rest rooms?

You take it out and clean in the same way as at home, but you take a bottle of water, our disinfection water or a wet paper tissue with you to clean the cup before further use. You can clean the cup thoroughly after coming back home.

I cannot use tampons because they do not stay within me. Will I have the same problem with the cup?

You must first try out the cup to see it. Every woman may have different experience. For women who cannot opt for a specific size or softness grade we offer two cups at special offer price (see the price list).

I have allergy to latex. Can I use the cup?

Yes. The Yuuki menstrual cup is made of menstrual grade silicone and not of latex.

Do I have to sterilize my cup?

It is recommended. You should of course wash the cup daily with warm water or with disinfection water. In each case, the cup must be boiled for 5-10 minutes before the onset of every menstruation or you must use our IB - infuser box.

I live in an environment where the cup cannot be sterilized in the kitchen. What should I do?

The cup must indeed be sterilized before the onset of every menstruation. The easiest option is to use our INFUSER BOX or disinfection water. Never use chemicals like Savo, peroxide, antibacterial waters, etc. They could damage the cup.

Where should I store the cup while I do not use it?

After cleaning and sterilizing the cup, you should put it in a clean textile bag or in the Yuuki box. Never store the cup in a plastic bag!

How often do I have to empty the cup?

It depends on your period. Every woman has menstrual flow of different intensity. If your menstrual flow has average to strong intensity, you should empty the cup in a range of 3 to 10 hours. Some women with very low menstrual flow may empty the cup even after 12 hours. On days with stronger menstrual flow, you may have to empty your cup more often. If you have tried the big cup already and you have seen that you have to empty it every three hours, you have an extremely strong menstrual period. That need not constitute any problem but you should better talk to your personal physician. There are means to control such strong menstrual flows already.

What does Toxic Shock Syndrome mean? Is it caused by the cups?

The menstrual cups do not cause TSS. TSS is a disease caused by bacteria proliferating inside absorption materials like tampons. It may be dangerous. If you are using tampons, you must beware of TSS symptoms.

If I order a cup, will it be delivered in discreet package?

Yes. Nobody will know what was delivered to you.

How can I see that the cup is in correct position and fits tightly?

Never insert the cup right up. The vagina is inclined toward the rectum. Therefore incline the cup in that direction. To check whether it fits tightly, grasp the stem and try to turn the cup and possibly pass your finger on the rim to check whether it has oval shape. If you are able to turn the cup, it does not fit tightly. Try to move it carefully up and down. A little air should enter to seal the cup.

Which sizes are on the market and which of them should I order?

Yuuki offers two sizes. One for women who have given birth already and one for women under 28 years of age who have not given birth yet. The Yuuki cups have sizes No. 1 - small and No. 2 - big. The difference between the small and big cup is one of the biggest differences among those offered by cup manufacturers. You can find the sizes on:

Can the cup be used together with contraception?

You should really take the cup out before sexual intercourse.

I am pregnant but I still have breakthrough bleeding sometimes. Can I use the cup in such cases?

You should not use the cup during pregnancy. The vagina channel should be unobstructed during that time, even if you are in early pregnancy stage. For safety reasons.

I cannot wash the cup with perfumed soap when I am at work. What should I do?

If you are often away from home, you can clean your cup only with clean water or with disinfection water. You can also moisten a paper tissue before going to the toilet and wipe the cup well with it. You can clean it additionally after coming back home.

I have problems with taking the cup out. What should I do?

Most women will have no problems to take the cup out. But if you have problems, then you did not remove the underpressure sealing the cup. First try to relax as much as possible. If it does not help, try to squat down (which will shorten the vagina channel) or to bend forward, like when having intestinal problems, to reach the cup better. But if you believe that you cannot take the cup out without spilling it, go to the shower, press the cup wall completely and take it out. The most women are more preoccupied with the problem of spilling the contents than that of taking the cup out. Nevertheless, taking out is the main priority. Different cups work a little differently, but their taking out always requires some experience.

I have long nails. Can I use the cup even then?

You can, but you must be more careful than other women during insertion and application. The silicone is sufficiently thick so that it cannot be damaged by your nails.

I come from a very poor region - country. We cannot afford a cup for every woman. Can the women lend the cup each other after good sterilization?

Surprisingly, this is one of the things attempted by women in countries with lower living standard. But our company discourages from it. Particularly if 100% sterilization of the cup is not guaranteed. Even with thorough cleaning, there is a risk, particularly if one of the women has some health problems, and she could infect the others.

What should I do if I do not have drinking water within reach to wash the cup?

You can clean the cup exceptionally with a paper tissue or toilet paper and wait for thorough cleaning after you return home.

Can women with strong menstrual flow use the cup?

Yes. Even women with very strong menstrual flow can use the cup, but they must empty the cup more often or they must choose the big cup size.

Can I bath or shower with the cup?

Yes, you can.

Can I use the cup if I have endometriosis?

Yes, it is completely safe. The cups are said to cause such problems, but it has never been proved. There were only speculations about it.

What happens if I am in another position, for example when practising yoga or different exercises?

To guarantee cleanness, you should empty the cup before exercising.

I go through menopause and my period is quite irregular. Can I use the cup even then?

Of course. You may discover that it will relieve you of uncertainty. Some women have strong cramps during menopause. Their menstrual flow is sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker. The vertical position and comfort of the cup as well as its relief has helped such women to withstand the cramps more easily.

How come the cup stays in the same position?

The cup holds firmly thanks to the vagina muscles and thanks to the slight underpressure built up inside it.

Can I practise inserting and taking out the cup even before onset of menstruation?

Yes. It is actually recommended! It is better to master the technique before the period, and it is also safe.

I have to use a lubricant for easier insertion. What type can I use?

Any type, but it must be water-based lubricant! This information must be stated on the package of the lubricating gel. Never use lubricants containing oils and sugar!

I have given birth recently. Can I use the cup?

You should not use the cup because of postnatal bleeding. Please wait at least 6 weeks after birth before starting using the cup again.

Will the cup spill or will I get stained when taking the cup out?

At the beginning, the taking out may not be so perfect several times and the cup may spill or you may get stained, but it is only a question of exercise and practice.

My uterus is inclined. Can I use the cup even then?

Yes, you can. You only have to find the correct angle that will suit you best.

May a girl who has not have sexual intercourse yet use the cup?

That is completely up to you. The cup will change the hymen. Therefore if you (or your family or religion) believe that the hymen must stay intact until the wedding, you should wait until after the first sexual intercourse. From other aspects, it is completely all right.

Can the cup get lost or jammed inside me?

No; if you remove the underpressure well, you will take it out easily. The cup is flexible. If you remove the underpressure sufficiently, you will take the cup out very easily. And it cannot get lost inside you. It is firmly encircled by the vagina muscles constituting a sort of casing in which the cup is "embedded".

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