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How to do it?
You do not need to be afraid, the use and the cleaning of the Yuuki menstrual cup is fast and simple. For comfortable and reliable sterilization of the cup, we suggest using our disinfection box - INFUSER BOX.

Watch the animation below and see how easy it is!


Dear girls, mothers and ladies. If you read the previous page, you've definitely made a picture about the economic advantages of menstrual cup. Initial investment is not insignificant, but with simple calculation you can see in how long - a short time, this amount will be returned to you.

You can find two types of menstrual cups - Classic and Soft - in our range of products. Classic is made of harder silicone. We have launched the other type of cup - SOFT - at the request of our customers. The SOFT cup is softer and it will be convenient for women who were not satisfied with the CLASSIC cup. You can choose smaller or bigger size in both types. We have prepared different options for you to buy, you only have to choose.

When buying more than 39,90 EUR is shipping FREE!

€ 8,90 (VAT inc)
Price from: € 22,00 (VAT inc)

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