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You do not need to be afraid, the use and the cleaning of the Yuuki menstrual cup is fast and simple. For comfortable and reliable sterilization of the cup, we suggest using our disinfection box - INFUSER BOX.

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Nature soap neem oil - propolis - thyme

Healing antibacterial soap for problematic skin. Strongly healing for different skin problems. It contains raw propolis that constitutes a natural antibiotic. Propolis, as natural antibiotic, does not have any side effects; it is very efficient in fighting against bacterial strains resistant against synthetic antibiotics.

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  • Propolis - it acts against a number of viral strains, mitigates sensitivity and pain; it stimulates immunity significantly; it stimulates the activity of own immune system. It has antitoxic effect, eliminating the influence of some poisons and bacterial toxins. It stops growth of fungi and destructs them. It supports wound healing and has antiinflammatory effect. It has antioxidant properties and mitigates the effect of harmful radiation on the organism.
  • Thyme - has antimicrobial and antimycotic effect; it acts against inflammatory and purulent processes in skin, skin defects and against rheumatic diseases. It can be used also for children bath.
  • Neem oil - probably the best product available at present for treatment of psoriasis. It hydrates and protects the skin, helping to cure other injuries as well. It is appropriate for dry, squamous or irritated skin. It is recognized for its strong antiseptic properties. It mitigates itching and pain, helps against inflammations, contains special ingredients like nimbin, nimbidin, nimbidol, gedunin, sodium nimbinate, quercetin, salannin and azadirachtin with unique effects on the skin; it has high contents of fat acids, softening and moistening the skin (oleic acid 52,8%, stearic acid 21,4%, palmitic acid 2,6%, linolenic acid 2,1% and various lower fat acids). It contains vitamin E and essential amino acids; it has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties; it has beautifying effects; it supports wound healing and creation of collagen fibres.

COMPOSITION: shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, neem oil, beeswax, raw propolis, honey, essential oil of tangerine, thyme, clove; fresh thyme, macerated thyme, NaOH.

Weight: 105g  (+ / - 5g)

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